Ice of the Month Club – Shipment #4

The bad news first: Hyland Hill is running out of ice. Spring creeps north, the days grow longer, the temperature soars each day into the 20’s. There’s still at least three feet of snow spread out on the meadow, but our house and our outbuildings have shed their great racks of icicles. Although the snow will linger for a few more weeks, the ice will soon be gone.

The good news: we still have one last selection to ship. Stockpiled a few weeks ago, this is an icy fringe that Edith and I found covering our raspberry patch one morning. Crystals had formed overnight, thousands of them, all somehow aligned so abundantly and evenly that they resemble an infinity of pure white thorns.

Farewell (and good riddance), winter. Welcome (and please hurry up!), spring.

IMG_2450 - Version 3