Ice of the Month Club – Shipment #3

Snowfall continues––three inches one day, two the next, six the next, four the next.  The snow itself is light but adds up and stays put.  Edith and I estimate that there’s a yard of snowpack on our meadow, and the piles around our parking area stand five, six, even seven feet tall.  More problematic is what accumulates on the roof.  A foot of snow spread out on a roof can weigh many hundreds of pounds.  Now and then we use a bizarre tool called a roof rake––essentially a wide, flat, transverse scoop attached to a thirty-foot aluminum pole––to pull the snow down.  The front porch remains a special problem:  so flat and deep that removing snow is difficult.  Somehow we manage. One strange benefit of snow on the porch roof, however, is that it slides forward, curves, thins, and forms a curtain that’s often beautiful.  This situation created December’s shipment from the Ice of the Month Club.  Here, now, is Shipment #3––a 20-inch span of thicker, denser fringe.  Courtesy of a salmon-hued dawn:  salmon-hued ice. ice #2

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