Ice of the Month Club – Shipment #1

Happy New Year!  Here’s hoping that 2015 brings happiness and good health to all of you.

I’m pleased to report that by visiting this blog, you are automatically enrolled in the Ice of the Month Club.  Each and every month all winter, you will receive a shipment of rare, exotic ice from Hyland Hill.  Even if you live in an unpleasantly temperate environment—our friends and family members in Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Nairobi immediately come to mind—you can now share in the bounty of ice that Edith and I harvest so easily here in Vermont.  (As I write this post, the temperature is 5 degrees above zero Fahrenheit.  Please restrain your envy.)

So, as an end-of-year treat, here is Shipment #1:

ice #1

This “lace” of crystals (approximately ten inches wide) was part of an icy curtain that hung from the sixteen-foot width of porch roof, then gradually thinned over a period of several days, then simply vanished.

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